So here’s one idea, from Dr. Joseph V. Gulfo, MD, of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Lewis Center for Healthcare Innovation and Technology.  In an interview, Gulfo summed up his idea in two words: wearable technology.  That is, let’s be sure that all our aging heroes in the VA system have access to the sort of ever-present monitors that could keep them healthier and living longer.

We’re all familiar with consumer health-monitoring devices, such as Fitbit, and any number of wearables and apps, but Gulfo goes further: “With real hospital-equipment-level wearables, we could track vitals, those whose who are not compliant with their regimen [for prescription meds], and those in need of rehab.”

Gulfo adds that such a system of wearables could be implemented quickly, since most of the technology is already available. “We could have one for every veteran, probably within a year. That could be a Trump administration goal.” Translation: If Team Trump is hungry for a quick win that real people would notice, this could be it.

Moreover, we can see in such a program a vision of economic renaissance for US manufacturing: The VA embraces wearable technology, and, at the same time, it stipulates, Buy American.

To be sure, Gulfo’s idea, promising as it might be, is just one of many.  But the common thread running through any plan for true healthcare greatness is science, along with its close cousin, technology.

In fact, it’s science that actually cures, while finance merely pays.  Paying is important, but curing is more important.  So if Trumpcare is ever to be seen as anything different from Obamacare, it will start with science, and then cures.

It’s through a Cure Strategy that we will know that Washington is putting the health of Americans first.

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