The Care Quotient is a prescription for business and personal success based on caring about the right things.

Selfless caring is based on a moral belief system that demands that principles and truth are your highest goals and that taking personal responsibility is your defining quality. Selfless caring drives you to leave people and circumstances better than you found them. It is a virtually limitless source of energy that fuels tireless preparation and incessant trial and error and personal reinvention.

  • Realize that management is a gift and a profound responsibility
  • Reinvent yourself and your approach as often as it takes to be successful
  • Take the time to teach and mentor and to be taught and mentored
  • Make difficult decisions
  • Set a great example, all the time; and (6) take chances on people and cultivate talent

From these critical behaviors come the winning strategies and desired outcomes, time after time. True fellowship flows from the engagement, alignment, inspiration, and motivation that a selflessly caring leader engenders.


“Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re an experienced manager, I believe you’ll find this book helpful as you focus on “selfless caring.” The examples and anecdotes from people working in a variety of fields will show you how relatively small changes in your management style will make a huge difference.

Being an all-star manager is not about dedicating five or ten minutes per day, or following three to ten steps. It is more than platitudes, goals, and aspirations. If you care enough to be the best leader and manager you can be, you will do what I’m discussing in this book naturally, with no checklist required. If you truly care, your customers, company or department, and employees will be on your mind twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. If they aren’t, you don’t care enough to be the best, and you will not be.”




What is your Care Quotient™? Are you Caretensive? How much do you care to be the best contributor, manager, and leader you can be?

Employees can sense when their manager and leader cares about the right things in the right ways, and when he doesn’t. And, they are more likely to align themselves and genuinely follow your lead, as well as forgive some foibles and mistakes, if they sense that you care enough to do a great job for the business, communicate to them, and foster their development.

Use the Care Quotient Scorecard to obtain feedback about your leadership skills and areas for improvement. This can be given to employees and peers, as well as your managers, as part of a 360-review process. It can also be used in coaching and in providing leadership training to high-potential employees or with managers and leaders who are not performing at the required level.

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